Duke's Unfamiliar Quotations

                                                             Selwyn Duke's Best Quotations

In a morally corrupt society, the only difference between democracy and dictatorship is the rate at which the dark cloud of tyranny descends upon the people.

Democracy is sometimes just millions of people making the bad decisions slowly and inefficiently that a dictator could make with the stroke of a pen.

Liberalism is a spiritual disease induced by the dislocation from reality that results from the denial of Truth, of objective reality.

It's a sad fact of human nature that people are more tolerant of clever lies than harshly spoken truths.

The devoted conformist and devoted extremist are bedfellows whose proximity is ensured by their need to place their passions ahead of truth.  The former's drive is to be extreme about conforming while the latter's drive is to conform to extremism.  The devoted conformist dispenses with truth when its not popular, and the devoted extremist dispenses with the popular even when it's the truth.

The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average get-out-the-vote-drive organizer.

It's ironic, but France has a collective Napoleon complex.

There are so many who claim that the America of the days of yore was a fatally flawed land.   There was bigotry and discrimination, say these folks.  Liberals think traditional America was 90% bathwater and 10% baby; conservatives know that she was 10% bathwater and 90% baby.

They say that revenge is a dish that's best served cold.  But the truth is that it's a dish best not served at all.  It is the junk food of retribution.  It makes the animalistic mouth water but causes the worst sort of heart disease: it darkens the heart.  Justice is a better cut and is infinitely more pleasing to the divine palate.

If being Christian can mean anything, it means nothing.

A man who is polite to a liar is worse that a man who won't defend his family from a bandit.   For, he is refusing to defend the Truth.

The worst form of impoliteness is insincerity in discourse.

When the journey to the top of the world is complete, illusions often melt away.  It is then that the lie of building one's own kingdom is revealed, and he is left alone at the top of the mountain with himself and God.

The cynic never really sinks his teeth into life and lets the juices run down his chin.

As one becomes more Christian, his increasing ability to be Machiavellian is attended by his decreasing tolerance for his exercise of that ability.

Punishment is rehabilitation.

The more you forgive, the less people have hurt you.

Mankind is not called to make a sacrifice of others but a sacrifice for others.

They're called the "Christian Left" because they've left the idea of being Christian.

If religious ideas are not true, of what good is religion?  If science ignores truths simply because they wear religious labels, of what good is science?

The American government is absolutely the worst goverment in the world . . . except for all  the rest.

There's a fundamental contradiction in the notion that faith is a private matter.  For, such a contention implies that a faith that's worth embracing, depriving oneself for, governing one's life with and perhaps dying for, is not worth proclaiming.  The adoption of this idea is an extension of the admonition, "Never discuss religion or politics."  However, it's a  prescription for superficiality because it's just another way of saying, "Never discuss anything of importance."

The left has very cleverly boxed and packaged religious ideas and slapped a label on stating, "Return to Sender." 

Everyone has an agenda, even if that agenda is merely the childlike goal of getting as much ice cream as possible.  Having an agenda in and of itself isn't inherently good or bad; what's inherent in the agenda determines its goodness or badness. 

The incomplete thinker has an agenda that is the embodiment of his visceral passions and  uses conclusions arrived at through incomplete thought to justify it.  The complete thinker draws conclusions based on complete thought and has a justifiable agenda that is the embodiment of them.

Don't lament the fact that people can't understand you.  If they want to, you're interesting.  If they can, you're not.

It is true that Christianity doesn't fit neatly into political categories.  But it's also true that the left doesn't fit even roughly ino the Christian one.

Some have made the point that Christianity doesn't fit neatly into political categories.   Most true, but it misses the point.  We should ask ourselves how much our ideology fits into the Christian category.

More often than not, people who want to change the way others think would be better served by changing the way they think.

I've observed that the people who think the least want to change the way others think the  most.

What is Truth?  The Devil might tell you that truth is the perspective of those who oppose his will.

God created the Heavens and the Earth, and on the sixth day He made man. On the seventh day God rested, and the Devil made liberals.

It's interesing that the very same people who insist that there must be a wall of separation between church and our state cannot even begin to conceive of a wall of separation between Mexico and our state.

I have been told that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  I say that you catch more brave lions with red meat than you do with honey.  Flies are easily swatted,  my friend, attract the brave lions.

We've gone from Joseph McCarthy to Joseph Stalin in two generations.

Liberals have become one with their mistaken notions.  Call it, "The Zen of Being Wrong." 

His derision was so literate that he made being insulted an enjoyable experience.

I've observe that the people who preach tolerance most are often the most intolerable.

I've observed that the less a man has to be proud of, the more proud he usually is.

Worse than misguided notions about the Truth is the most misguided of all: the notion that Truth doesn't exist.

Misguided traditionalists masculinize women because they know that unless they masculinize women, women are going to feminize politics.

Those who will not respect just authority always end up suffering under the yolk of unjust  authority.

We all are expected to perform certain roles in this world, be we women, men, young or old.   A man, for instance, is expected to provide for his family.  And if a man were to shirk that responsibility, if he were, let's say, to refuse gainful employment, live a shiftless lifestyle and leave his family materially destitute, he would become the object of scorn.   So, why is it any less damnable when a woman leaves her family domestically destitute?

There's a new sport in the People's Republic of California.  It's called "Serfing": riding a wave to tyranny.

If you want to know whether or not to go with the flow, you first have to know where the flow is coming from and where it's going.

From each according to his means and to each according to his needs?  If you enforce that principle through government, the result will be fewer people with means and more people with needs.

Liberals claim to be for the common man.  In truth, they're only for the uncommon man.

Remembering the injustices of the past is fine, until your focus on them blinds you to the injustices of the present.

I wouldn't want any Supreme Court Justice who our politicians would confirm.

The only thing in question about our gravitation toward totalitarianism, is the rate.

To the liberal, Utopia always lies just within sight but just beyond reach.  It is always around the next corner, where you find the next governmental contrivance, in the form of a law, regulation, mandate, tax, or federal program.

It's true that not all heterodox priests are liberal, but equally true is that all liberal priests are heterodox.

I don't know that I subscribe to the notion that power corrupts, but I do know that it  releases inhibitions, causing one's true colors to shine through.

Forced equality is tyranny.

Nowadays, the only thing that gets you in more trouble than a big lie is a great Truth.

If you want to know what a person wants you to believe he believes, listen to what he says.   If you want to know what a person believes, listen to how he says it.

There is a correlation between intellectualism and wisdom.  Intellectuals tend to possess less of  the latter.

If everyone is a victim, who's the victimizer?

Religion is not bad, but there is bad religion.

Why should jurists feel compelled to defer to unconstitutional precedent that was born of the casting aside of constitutional precedent?

When you recognize nothing above you, you usually see everyone as being below you.

When you fail to recognize the divinity of He who is above you, you usually won't recognize the humanity of those next to you.

The traditional woman's greatest dream is to raise a family; the feminist woman's greatest dream is to create a village that can raise a family.            

Politicians pander because it's easier to change positions than hearts.

The effluent-stream media strive strenuously to bury the truth about Moslem violence.  And they will continue to bury it until it buries them.
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